Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In the Spotlight - Baby Gifts by Missy Doo

Our next stall holder may just answer the age-old question ... "What to buy for baby?" Baby Gifts by Missy Doo make gorgeous gifts to suit any budget & specialize in nappy cakes, sock cup cakes and lollipop face washers.

For those of you who are new at the baby gift-buying game, nappy cakes are an extremely practical gift which can be made of all sorts of handy items like nappies (yes, obvious), lotions, powders, & little toys. You can also customize the gift to suit the baby/parents. Just visit Baby Gifts by Missy Doo on facebook to contact Crystal & Rachael about an option to suit you.

So how did Baby Gifts by Missy Doo come about?  "After having my first daughter in April 2010 she was such a good baby and slept all the time I got bored while I was on maternity leave, so my sister Crystal and I decided to do something from home.  We were inspired by my mother-in-law who is very crafty and decided to slowly follow in her footsteps."

Great job girls! Can't wait to visit your sensational store at the August market.