Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the Spotlight - Eve's Soy Candles

There's nothing like a beautiful aroma to jog the memory & take you back to another time or place - or is that just me?!? I have a bit of a travel 'thing' where I buy a new scented body lotion or perfume to be lathered on during the trip. I find that when I smell this scent in the years to come it triggers memories of my trip. Eg Shea butter reminds me of Singapore, Creme Brulee reminds me of NZ, Ylang Ylang reminds me of Ireland. Weird?

Elvine of
EVE's Soy Candles shares my love of gorgeous scents & has created a boutique candle making business located on the Central Coast. It grew out of a love for scented soy candles and wanting to share this with others by helping them create a beautiful ambience in their home or office with high quality, handmade scented soy candles, melts, reed diffusers & accessories at a reasonable price.

The list of scents in
EVE's Soy Candles is long. 'Little Black Dress' (sexy blood orange & carnation with sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood & patchouli. Egyptian musk to finish) intrigues me, but I think 'Tropical Delight' (luscious blend of juicy lemon & lime with creamy coconut, rounded out with vanilla & sandalwood) will be my first pick. Choose your favourites HERE & then stock up at our next market!

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