Thursday, October 27, 2011

In the Spotlight - Frankenstein's Fabrics

Another new store will be debuting at our next market.  Frankenstein’s Fabrics is run by Marni Franks who has worked in the textile industry pretty much her entire working life. Upholstery with her dad, a stint at Lincraft, a patchwork shop & even working for Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine. 

About 7 years ago Marni was working in a craft shop and something hit her – all she ever wanted was to run and her own patchwork and quilting shop. That (nearly) decade long dream has recently been achieved, with the aid of her family and friends, with the opening of a store in Birru Road, Gosford.


The shop is improving all the time with more and more stock arriving almost every day. Classes are getting there with mainly basics being taught at the moment – basic quilting techniques such as cutting and calculating (always important!) There is also a service that we provide where you can rent out our classroom for a small hourly fee to baste your quilts, work on a project etc. 

You can find Frankenstein's Fabrics at our November markets. In the meantime, please drop by their facebook page HERE or say hi in person at the shop in Birru Road, Gosford.
At the moment I am only on Facebook as I endeavor to get my website, blog, shopping cart and phone set up at the shop. I am available on

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