Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the Spotlight - The Chenille Emporium

The Chenille Emporium is making its debut at the Handmade Craft Market this coming Sunday & we can't wait to pay her a visit.  Why?  Well, chenille is just one of those materials that compels you to touch it, squeeze it, cuddle it (or is that just me?)!

Sue is a woman who love to create & always has done so, doing various crafts over the years.  She fell seriously in love with vintage chenille 12mths ago & has been creating with it for 6mths.  And thus The Chenille Emporium was born!

You'll find a bit of everything at this stall - but each featuring chenille & embellished with whatever vintage fabrics/trims she can get her hands on.
Sue's favourite new creation is the Little Easter bunny, especially the one that has its own cushion.  Easter is just around the corner so stock up now!
The Chenille Emporium is definitely not one to miss on Sunday!

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