Friday, November 22, 2013

The Joy of Crafting...

As the stall holders for the Handmade Craft Market are in the final stages of preparing for the Christmas market I thought now would be the time to ask why there are so many of us who craft.

Having a hobby is a great way to relieve stress, relax, enjoy some alone time, create, learn and teach. Many of the HCM stall holders indulged in their hobby turning it into a business, they've taken an extra step in the process, bringing the joy they take in their hobby to the public and sharing the wonderful feelings that only true handmade can do.

For many of us though crafting can be a kind of therapy - when times get hard, such as depression or grief the simple act of making something with your hands can be a kind of release for your emotions, allowing your brain and your heart a bit of a time out as you focus on your creation. 

Here are some of the reasons our stall holders create - 

"I have always enjoyed doing things with my hands that also requires using my head to calculate, and intuition to know what will work, whether it be hand crafts, cooking or repairing things. Knowing that I can create something worthwhile that is needed has always been a joy to me. Soap and balm making was a craft I took up out of desperate necessity - my children and I reacted to too many ingredients in commercial products, and we were running out of options. Being a crafty person it was only natural that I would try make what we needed. Moving on to selling my products was partly out of my need to do something with all my 'extras' and partly out of wanting to help others. Seeing customers being able to relax in the knowledge that someone has done all the research and thinking to cater to their needs gives me even more fulfilment than just crafting for my home." - Kaylene, Naked Eden

"I create because my quilting is my oxygen. It keeps me sane, grounded and gives me purpose. It brings me joy when I see peoples faces when they receive something that I've made - whether it's directly from me or as a gift that someone has purchased from me for them." - Marni, Frankenstein's Fabrics

"I craft because as a creative person it is a way to restore my sense of self in the crazy world I live in. I love to create things for other people as its a wonderful way to spread some love." Julie, Merry go Round Crafts

"Creating is a compulsion for me ... I get twitchy if I'm not making something. I LOVE to figure out the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way of doing any given craft. And most of all I love to teach, because creativity is in all of us, and seeing lightbulbs go on when someone finds their "thing" is divine." Dawn, DawnLewis/Hello Dollies

"I bake and decorate cookies because these little pieces of edible art satisfy my creative spirit and because I believe life should be sweet." Rhian, Flyawaypineapple

"Creating gives me a break from being mum, I get to do something for myself and escape for five minutes (until the screams start)." Natalie, Quirky Designs for Kids

The joys of crafting can be shared - simply by purchasing handmade products as gifts for friends and family you too can participate in the cycle of spreading such wonderfully uplifting items.

If you would like to learn some crafting don't forget we are running some special classes at the Christmas market. Click here for more information.

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