Wednesday, March 19, 2014


We are only a couple of weeks out from the Handmade Craft Market’s first 2014 market and at a brand new venue to boot!

This post I’d like to talk to you about storage.

We all use a variety of storage – at home, in the car, at work and at the markets – but how often do you lament its lack?

Storage is one of those things that many of us have a love/hate relationship with, often flitting between the two extremes in an effort to gain some control over our ‘stuff’.

Market stock is no exception.

If you were to be a fly on the wall on market set up day you would see the stallholders in a steady stream unloading bags, boxes, tubs and stands so we can all look beautifully set up for you – the customers – those storage containers that we carefully pack, label and trundle into our cars the night before are the single most important thing behind our products.

I personally use a variety of tubs and bags because my goods are a mix of soft and hard items. Quilts are better rolled up (not folded as that leaves wear marks) and popped in a bag, along with my tablecloths and anything soft and bulky. Tubs are reserved for books and magazines, pre-packaged items like kits and fabric bundles, small haberdashery items (mainly so they don’t get lost) and my small stands that I can fold up (this keeps them from poking holes in the bags).

Most other stallholders use a similar sort of combination tailoring it to their products – many adding packaging like bubble wrap for delicate items like candles, soap, glassware and jewellery – and we’ve all been doing markets for a while now so we’ve got it down pat.

When it comes to storage, trolleys go hand-in-hand with the whole process as none of us wants to over do it, straining muscles and backs. So along with the plethora of bags, tubs and tables you’ll see us all wheeling trolleys and stands into the building on market day.

I can’t speak for other stallholders on how they store their stock when not at markets but for myself – it all goes back onto its proper shelves in my studio ready for the next mail order.  I like to be able to see everything, be able to keep an eye on stock levels and know exactly what is where and that it’s within easy reach when needed.

Storage is important for everyone, but it takes time to get the balance right.

My top tips for storage:

1.     Do your research before purchasing.
2. Calculate the quantity you will need – measure your items (weigh them if needed) and use a volume   equation to work it out.
3. Buy quality storage items – the cheap stuff will give up on you when you least expect it.
4. Keep your storage consistent, as this will allow you to store your storage more efficiently (stacking tubs etc).
5. Return items to their correct storage, don’t use your tubs as a dumping zone as you will create more work for yourself later with a de-clutter session.

Pop back soon for more interesting bits and pieces as we head towards the Handmade Craft Market.

See you next time!

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